Carla López-Speziale Mezzosoprano
Carla López-Speziale     Mezzosoprano

“Impressive also the singing of Carla López-Speziale. She has a very beautiful, warm voice with a secure and soft top and a powerful low register.”

Christian Fluri,Basler Landschaftszeitung 

“To start, we have the sculptural (in voice and figure) Dalila of Carla López-Speziale, with impressive stage presence, varied phrasing, clear and straightforward dramatic intentions, and a voice that possesses the range, the volume and the sensual lush required for such a juicy character. The mezzo underlined the feminine and seductive features of the character rather than the despotic and dictatorial ones. She successfully accomplished the challenge of her three arias—hard to select which one was the most beautiful—and the great duo with the tenor.”

Vladimiro Rivas Iturralde, Revista Pro-ópera 

Proyecto apoyado por el Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes

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