Carla López-Speziale Mezzosoprano
Carla López-Speziale     Mezzosoprano

BIZET. Carmen

Carla López-Speziale as Carmen

“She (López-Speziale) has a natural, unforced stage presence, even—or perhaps especially—undertaking an orchestral quality performance on the castanets."

Peter Gordon,,

"…decked out in her Act IV mantilla, she might have stepped out of period painting.

…and did I say she can sing? There’s that too.”

Peter Gordon,,

“In the leading role of the sensuous gipsy, mezzosoprano Carla López-Speziale developed charm and conviction in her acting, singing with a dark and attractive timbre, and with the laudable security that allows her to know this piece, as a consequence of having already sung it in several productions beforehand.”
José Noé Mercado, Revista Pro-Ópera
  “…it is necessary to highlight Carla López-Speziale’s performance, her impressive stage presence, full of vocal qualities and notable intuition to portray the legendary cigarette-maker gypsy. Carla knew how to clearly define the contours of a feminine personality some may call “femme fatale”, but which resulted as the archetype of the liberated woman.”
Jorge Vázquez, Diario de Xalapa
 “Once again, and with much success, the Ocampo Theater opened its doors for the audience to witness this opera by Georges Bizet, starring Carla López-Speziale, “Carmen”, who with extensive experience, delighted us with her voice, drawing everybody’s attention.”
  “What can we say about mezzosoprano Carla López-Speziale, (…), truly speziale, beautiful, stunning, talented.”
Arturo Reyes Isidoro, Punto y aparte
  Casting López-Speziale was a coup.  Her finely crafted, volcanic characterization dominated the production and provided its molton center.”
Craig Scherfenberg, News Marin
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